5 ways to stick to your 2018 Resolutions

It’s about that time again when it’s time to start going forward with all those New Year’s resolutions that likely won’t stick. Even though most of us give up on our resolution goals by February, it is possible to stick to them if you have the right mindset.   I feel… if you want to improve your life, you don’t have to wait until the New Year to do so. That being said, many of us are still going to set resolutions that are either too lofty or have no timetable for achievement.  So here’s a few tips on how to stick to your 2018 goals.


Resolutions often fail because our hearts aren’t in it and we eventually get bored with the whole idea. When thinking about what you’d like to improve on for 2018, consider something you personally care about. Something that is going to make you happier or healthier. It’s important to understand what’s motivating you, instead of feeling anxious whenever you think about it.


Visualize your goals, how you plan to achieve them and what you think it will feel like once you finally succeed. Stay committed by imagining what your life would be like if you accomplished your goals.


Start small. Resolutions that are way too ambitious are destined to fail. Create a plan that will be easy to follow and when you start to see results, you’ll feel more encouraged to stick to it. Slow and steady wins the race.


The more enjoyable the process, the more likely you’ll want to keep going. If you want to lose weight, you don’t have to dread the diet and exercise. Don’t think of it as a negative. Use your goals to eat healthier as a way to experiment with new foods and a chance to learn fun new recipes.


Give yourself enough time to achieve your goal with several smaller goals set up along the way. Focus on these immediate successes and you’ll make gradual progress. So when you are first starting out, don’t look for the finish line, look at what you’ve already achieved. Then as you get closer to the end, you can look at your progress and zero in on what little remains before you hit your ultimate goal.

  1. Brent Reply

    Great read. Thanks for the advise. I’m still having trouble sticking to mine.


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