Rosemarie C. makes a splash this summer while playing online at

It was just another late summer night in Nutley, NJ, until Rosemarie hit for two jackpots, on two separate games – totaling $3,707!  Rosemarie couldn’t contain her excitement. She told us, “I hit a jackpot on Guns N Roses and Amulet and the Charm! I couldn’t hold it in. I shouted for joy waking up my husband in the process. He didn’t mind after he saw the big wins!”

Rosemarie told us she has been playing online at for the last few years. “I think the promotions and payouts from Tropicana Online are better than any of the other sites I’ve tried. Plus, I hit two more jackpots after my other initial wins. It’s been a good summer! It’s fun, and it’s in the comfort of my own home, but I do have fun when I go to AC too.”

Rosemarie also shared what she did with her winnings. “We decided to build a deck on my pool. It’s still a work in progress. We also went down to AC this past weekend with some friends. We celebrated my win with even more winnings, and a birthday party!”

 (Rosemarie is celebrating her big wins by taking a dip with one of her fur babies,
while her brand-new deck is being built)

Every WIN has a story, and with all her wins, Rosemarie’s story keeps getting longer and longer. For her, this was a summer to remember!

What will your winning story be?

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