Caroline is jumping for joy after she won $15,000 at Tropicana Casino Online!

Every win has a story, and Caroline was nice enough to share her story with us. According to Caroline, it felt like a dream and it all happened so fast. “I happened to be on the phone with a friend who was discussing life’s events, when suddenly I won $3000 on Tropicana Casino Online.  We couldn’t believe it! I decided to let it ride and ended up with another big win of about $9,000. Then I hit again for almost $4,000! I walked away with $15,765!  My gut was telling me Archangels Salvation was lucky and I was right.  I was so excited, I didn’t sleep that night. 

Caroline has been playing online at for about three years now and visits Tropicana Atlantic City whenever she can. When we asked her which she enjoys more, she told us, “Both. I enjoy getting away to AC, and I also love playing online in the comfort of my own home. I enjoy that with the Tropicana app you are linked to Atlantic City promotions, rooms and events – so you get the best of both worlds! Tropicana Casino Online also offers excellent customer support and services. Their promotions and concerts are great if you like to travel or get away. Plus, the money was in my bank account within 2 days! I am very loyal to Tropicana, I enjoy their hotels and entertainment. They are the only online casino app I have.” 

Caroline is the President of a nationally recognized home and health company, so playing online with Tropicana is a great opportunity for her to get away, without really having to get away. She tells us, “The slots are amazing now, more like playing video games with adventures. I use my app when I am trying to decompress or relax. Great stress reliever! I play for the fun and enjoyment I get out of it. When I did win, you can imagine the utmost surprise. It was amazing! Thank you, Tropicana Family, for this fantastic opportunity, it will be used for wonderful things!” 

So, what does Caroline plan to do with her winnings? “I am in graduate school and it was a wonderful way to pay off tuition and loans! It was an amazing surprise and certainly helped me with education goals.” 

Congratulations Caroline, good luck with graduate school, and we hope to see you in the winner’s circle again in the very near future!

What will yours be?

  1. Tracey Finley Reply

    Hey, that’s great that Caroline won big, but how is Caroline getting FREE advertising for her Home Health business? I happen to have a big win also and wasn’t offered this opportunity. Just curious how Trop is giving her a plug……congrats on your win.

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